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19 March 2021

Jungle Incursion Game

Last Saturday I got together with a good mate Iván, who's been a gaming buddy of mine for many years. Unfortunately we hadn't been able to get a game in together for quite some time until now.

Iván said he'd like to put together a scenario and I did the part I most like, setting up the gaming table.

The scenario consisted of a Chindit type operation, two groups entering the table with a mission to locate a bridge being constructed at some point on the far edge of the table.

It's the first time the sand table's been used for a jungle setting and ended up consuming practically every plastic plant, tree, shrub, and palm I own.

We were originally going to game using the Bolt Action rules, but as Iván was bringing his young son to game too, he put together some simple rules to accompany the scenario.

There were various points of interest that had to be reached before the bridge could be located, and each point coincided with an event occurring based on a pre-prepared table and dice throw.

Some of the events meant an encounter with indigenous jungle dwelling tribesemen, discovery of important information, an encounter with crocodiles when crossing a swamp, a Japanese patrol that had to be avoided at all costs, discovery of a compound with allied prisoners being used to build the bridge thanks to information from one of the tribesemen, recovery of airdropped supplies, and finally the location of the objective that had to be blown.

Iván used a "gamemaster" roleplay style together with the simplified rules so his son could take full charge of one of the Chindit groups.

An encounter with local indigenous tribesmen, looking suspiciously like Revell Sioux warriors

One of the dangers lurking in the swamps.

A Japanese patrol through the jungle.

One of the groups locate prisoners thanks to help from the tribesman and overcome the guard.

The guard's companions (drinking sake in an Airfix Jungle Outpost) hear the commotion and sound the alert.

One of the group separates and leads the liberated prisoners away to safety

The two groups meanwhile locate the objective and begin the attack. A firefight ensues, the guards are overwhelmed and the Chindits place their explosives and BOOM !

The Chindit commander celebrates victory !!!!

An entertaining afternoon, the roleplay style and simple rules meant a fast, smooth and enjoyable game, The young lad had a whale of a time, which is the most important and is what memories are made of.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I should have taken more, but at the time it wasn't feasable. I had in my mind ideas about maybe taking reposed shots and put together a more detailed report or story, but no doubt I'll end up sidetracked... too many projects :-)

By the way, I´ll finish by giving a plug for Iván. He's an illustrator for board games and has also designed and produced his own boardgame based on Nelson's failed attack on the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife here in 1797. You can see some of his work on the links below :

03 May 2012

Pacific Wargame 1/72 - Brazo de Nelson Wargame Club - Tenerife

Unidades de reconocimiento de los Marines descubren un puesto avanzado de transmisiones japonés... momento de transmitir las coordenadas a los carros.

Campamento y posiciones de los Marines sobre terreno elevado.

El momento del despliegue es importante entre tanta jungla.

Había que reforzar a los muchachos llevando los suministros a vanguardia mediante los DUKW.

Lleva tu el lanzallamas Jimmy que a mi me da risa...

El campamento americano parece tranquilo,de momento...

Sácale una foto al palito que siempre queda chulo...

¡Avancen por el sendero que parece estar despejado!

Francotiradores japoneses aparecen de los árboles colindantes.

Los vehículos ligeros Chi-Ha no supusieron demasiados problemas a los Marines.

¡¡Hay que defender el puesto hasta el final!! (esto va en japo pero vaya usted a saber como se dice. Aritai jono teu liu??)

Un DUKW solitario está a punto de llegar a su objetivo.

¡Hay que ayudar a nuestros muchachos! ¡Adelante!

Escuadras de Marines intentan localizar a un enemigo que se hace invisible en la jungla.

¡ No abandones el puesto Flanagan!

¿Esta gente cómo logra meter tanto vehículo por entre la espesura?

07 February 2010

WW2 Japanese and Aussies - Jungle Wargame

Pictures from some WWII Pacific/Jungle games with members of the Brazo de Nelson wargame group.

Airfix Chi-Ha

The 47mm AT gun was made by Alejadro – he used the wheels off a HaT German 37mm gun, and built the gun-shield from scratch. The gun-crew are conversions of HaT German AT figures by Carlos de la Concha.

Airfix 1-76 DUKW

The DUKWs are Airfix classics, cut down to make them warterline models.

Fujimi Bunker 20mm and Matchbox Japanse Infantry

An old Fujimi bunker / blockhouse + Waterloo and Matchbox Japanese infantry by Alejandro, & jungle-plants by Juan Reyes

Revell 1-72 Austrialian Infantry

Revell Australian infantry by Juan Reyes

Italeri 1/72 Watchtower

Italeri Watchtower from Carlos’ collection. On the right you can also just make one of the new Pegasus palm-trees, repainted by Juan Reyes.

Japanese sniper spider hole 20mm

Japanese sniper conversion in a “spider-hole” by Carlos

1:72 Rice Paddies Wargame Scenery

Rice paddies by Juan & more of Alejandro’s Japanese

Close assault

Aussies being close-assaulted by enraged banzai screaming Japanese. The river and bridge belong to Carlos – a product sold by the people who market FOW

Jungle Outpost

Some more of Alejandro’s Japanese figures posing in front of one of his scratch-built jungle-dwellings

Fujimi Ho-Ni Tank Destroyer

A old Fujimi 1-76 scale Ho-Ni by Iván Cáceres, crewed by some more HaT German AT-Gun figures with Japanese head-swaps by Carlos de la Concha

22 September 2004

Wargame picture report - A "Pacific" island ?

Wed. 22nd Sep 2004

US Marines enter the beach in an Airfix Buffalo

Japanese artillery bomb the beach from their positions hidden in the jungle.

The defenders won't give an inch, they fight to the end.