26 July 2009

Convention Demonstration Game - Brazo de Nelson Wargamers


General view of the battlefield


These three brave men decided the game in favor of the Russians. After risking it and going out into the open in search of the serious threat of the Tiger.

The pride of the German attack explodes in a great blaze, thanks to the Russian 76mm with an accurate hit and a lot of luck !!

The tanks fight almost skirmishing - oddly enough this was the only T-34 that survived

The PAK-40 being dragged through the city in search of a new target


Starting a game with five T-34s and ending with just one hurts a little....


26 June 2009

Pegasus 1/72 scale WWII Russian Naval Infantry

A picture of some the the superb new Pegasus 20mm scale WW2 Soviet sailors.

These were painted by a friend and fellow gamer, Carlos de la Concha, and were used in one of our wargaming club's recent Stalingrad type wargames.

28 May 2009

Work in Progress - Matchbox M16 Half-Track

A couple of 1/76 scale M16 Half-tracks (w/50cal quad) under construction. This is the Matchbox-Revell re-release.

The tracks are far too fragile though. I'll have to try and find an alternative as these broke as soon as I tried to get them over the rear roller assembly.

Apart from the problem with the dodgy tracks, the kit looks as sharp in detail and as easy to put together as it ever was.