06 May 2012

WW2 British Staff Car

It's not exactly Monty's Humber but I like the look of it to ferry some Brtish top brass around the wargame table.

The car's a 1/76 Oxford die-cast ready-painted model of some British car from the 30s or 40s, but the make and name of the particular car that its supposed to be escape me right now (I threw the box out after I bought it) so if someone in the know could please tell me what car it is I'd appreciate it.

03 May 2012

Pacific Wargame 1/72 - Brazo de Nelson Wargame Club - Tenerife

Unidades de reconocimiento de los Marines descubren un puesto avanzado de transmisiones japonés...

...es momento de transmitir las coordenadas a los carros.

Campamento y posiciones de los Marines sobre terreno elevado.

El momento del despliegue es importante entre tanta jungla.

Había que reforzar a los muchachos llevando los suministros a vanguardia mediante los DUKW.

Lleva tu el lanzallamas Jimmy que a mi me da risa...

El campamento americano parece tranquilo,de momento...

Sácale una foto al palito que siempre queda chulo...

¡Avancen por el sendero que parece estar despejado!

Francotiradores japoneses aparecen de los árboles colindantes.

Los vehículos ligeros Chi-Ha no supusieron demasiados problemas a los Marines.

¡¡Hay que defender el puesto hasta el final!! (esto va en japo pero vaya usted a saber como se dice. Aritai jono teu liu??)

Un DUKW solitario está a punto de llegar a su objetivo.

¡Hay que ayudar a nuestros muchachos! ¡Adelante!

Escuadras de Marines intentan localizar a un enemigo que se hace invisible en la jungla.

¡ No abandones el puesto Flanagan!

¿Esta gente cómo logra meter tanto vehículo por entre la espesura?

24 April 2012

Pirates to the rescue ?

A motley crew of 1/72 Caesar, Orion and Esci/Italeri modern figures I recently finished for a game we'd been planning for a fictional modern-day scenario

The pirates were trying to rescue their leader who had been captured by UN forces and who was being held in a compound in a medium-sized old colonial town somewhere along the coast of East Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean. 

The pirates had some help from the local populace who were armed and hostile to the UN soldiers in the town, and even more help from a group of combat-tested renegade troops from the country's regular forces.

In spite of the help, the pirates got soundly thrashed (good show too).

We used a free set of one-page skirmish rules called FUBAR. 

Quite good for the job, but we included some tweaks to the activation process that put the pirates at a great disadvantage so they spent the majority of their time undecided and floundering around getting shot to pieces.

17 April 2012

Abandoned Tram

A few weeks ago my mate Iván phoned me and said he'd found a 1/72 scale model tram lying abandoned in the gutter and immediately thought of me.

I like to think he thought of me because of the 1/72 tram, not me lying in the gutter - as a respectable middle-aged man I now no longer end up in the gutter after a mad Saturday night out.

It's a promotional model of some kind that the local tram company must have been using at some event, and must have been just slung away when they finished with the promotion.

It's a bit scratched, but it looks the business and all it needs is a bit more dirtying up and we've got a nice scenery piece for a modern-day / post-apocalyptic game.

Thanks Iván.