14 August 2020

Youtube - Post-Apoc Dwellings Inspiration

My plans to visit the UK to see the family for a few days were recently foiled by the 14-day quarantine restrictions on visitors from Spain.

So with that in mind we took a break for a few days on the island of Fuerteventura here in the Canary Islands.

While we were there we visited a remote desolate spot that's quite a way off the beaten track and is difficult to get to. 

It's on the far southern tip of the island and when we got there we came across an impromptu semi-permanent "village" that's been put together by the local surfer / bohemian / alternative lifestyle population that the island tends to have attracted from all over Europe.

The old trucks and beaten up caravans and containers they've used to put together their village is quite inspirational if you're looking at making some Gaslands / Post-Apoc dwellings / scenery.

I've put a short video up on YouTube, just click on the image below if you're interested in seeing it and it will open in a new window.

And please be assured that it's shanty-town that, from the locals I spoke to, has been built by people who've decided to live here this way in an alternative lifestyle (many of whom had nice cars and jeeps parked outside). If it had been anything otherwise, I wouldn't have put these images up.

Keep safe during these strange times.

26 July 2020

Youtube, some game videos.

I've been able to get together for a few games with the regular crew recently (keeping in mind while we game social distancing measures and face coverings when necessary of course)

We wanted to do something different, a live youtube feed of the game yesterday but it wasn't possible in the end as as apparently youtube requires you to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers before you can broadcast live from a mobile device.

Anyhow, we recorded a few videos and will upload them to the youtube channel.

One of them is below, with a bit of added music. It was a quick pre-game video of us making the shell holes that the advancing Canadians would try and use as cover as they advanced.

Rules were Bolt Action and the scenario was taken from the Warlord Games website and the little toy soldiers and tanks are all 1/72 scale miniatures as always.

The other videos have we're uploading have a lot of chit-chat in Spanish, so if you don't want to hear us making noise and jabbering on it might be wise to turn down the sound a little.

You can reach the channel on the following link below (it will open in a new window)


15 June 2020

Hell's Angels in 1/72 scale

On a previous post  I mentioned on the blog that I'd seen some Hell's Angels / bikers in plastic in 1/72 scale in a board-game based on a series called "Sons of Anarchy".

I've never seen the series and I only played the board-game once, but what really interested were the figures.

My good mate Carlos was having a clear-out during the lockdown and when we got together after the distancing restrictions had eased he came round and gave me a dozen or so of these bikers. Lucky me !

I test painted a couple of them over the weekend and they do look the business.

The figures all have the same pose unfortunately, but I think that with some cutting and converting, a few head swaps, and maybe cannibalizing the Italeri 1/72 German motorcycles and combos, I could get a nice gang of marauding bikers for a near-future / post-apocalyptic / zombie-dawn-of-the-dead kind of game scenario.

12 May 2020

WW2 British Motor Gunboat, Würzburg Radar & Sailors

A few years ago our small wargaming group gave a demonstration game of the Operation Biting Bruneval Raid at a local comic / cosplay / gaming event.

The scenario was  designed by one of our fellow gamers Iván, who also built the magnificent terrain board and coastline.

You can see a game report on the link below, which will open up in a new window if you click it. It's in Spanish, but with pictures that speak for themselves


For the game we already had plenty of 1/72 scale Germans as the defenders, and also lots of British Paras left over from an Arnhem wargame campaign (albeit in the wrong uniform for this raid, but we could live with that) and more than enough scenery.

What we didn't have were some rescue vessels to to provide covering fire as the paras were picked up from the coastline, and something to represent the Würzburg radar.

Würzburg Radar

We knocked up a crude representation of the radar just a few days before the game.

Well, I did say crude  ........

It's basically a perspex ball cut off at the top and mounted onto a structure taken off a toy crane, and then fixed onto the base of an Italeri 90/53 Gun.

A good dousing of grey paint and on the day it did its job and nobody mentioned that it bore only a fleeting resemblance to the real thing.

Should also add that nobody mentioned either that the British paras were wearing red berets and were dressed for Arnhem.

British Motor Gunboat

This was a bit of an invention, made from a modified toy motor launch.

The missile launchers and oversized MG on the the stern were removed and the bridge was taken off and moved forward.

It was also cut down to make it a waterline model and two Bofors were added, one the bow and stern.

Painted grey and with a Royal Navy Ensign flying, it makes a more or less passable MGB.

And here she is, MGB "Conversio" providing covering fire as the Paras made their way down to the beach with a German prisoner and parts taken off the radar. 

The landing craft crashing onto the beach in the foreground is an Airfix LCM with the pilot's house removed and a few other minor conversions. 


The vessels couldn't be complete without crew members, and the sailors are mostly conversions with a mix from various sets.

There are a couple of Airfix civilians and a Dapol railway worker with new heads, plus a few Revell Kriegsmarine figures and some Emhar WW1 British

Quite a few of the sailors have heads taken off the old Airfix British WW1 figures in caps as they make good donors and you just need to slightly trim down the visor at the front and they are perfect for representing the flat visorless hat worn by British sailors. 

The idea for using the WW1 British Infantry heads like this isn't my original idea, I got it from a very old Airfix magazine article back in the 1970s.

Just to say that I was inspired to finally get around to posting these picture after viewing an excellent post on sailor conversions and a huge WW2 vessel by Simon from the Service Ration Distribution blog which I recommend you visit. You can access his post on the following link (click and it will open in a new window)


As always, keep safe and hope that wherever you are the lockdown is easing and that we are all slowly but surely getting over the worst.