26 July 2020

Youtube, some game videos.

I've been able to get together for a few games with the regular crew recently (keeping in mind while we game social distancing measures and face coverings when necessary of course)

We wanted to do something different, a live youtube feed of the game yesterday but it wasn't possible in the end as as apparently youtube requires you to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers before you can broadcast live from a mobile device.

Anyhow, we recorded a few videos and will upload them to the youtube channel.

One of them is below, with a bit of added music. It was a quick pre-game video of us making the shell holes that the advancing Canadians would try and use as cover as they advanced.

Rules were Bolt Action and the scenario was taken from the Warlord Games website and the little toy soldiers and tanks are all 1/72 scale miniatures as always.

The other videos have we're uploading have a lot of chit-chat in Spanish, so if you don't want to hear us making noise and jabbering on it might be wise to turn down the sound a little.

You can reach the channel on the following link below (it will open in a new window)