02 October 2023

1/72 Zombies

I've been saving figures from various sets with poses that I thought might make fairly passable zombies for a series of games we plan on doing in the near future and have some photos of the progress up to date.

There's a fair few figures that are easily converted, plenty of surrendering guys do it for me, others have vague zombie poses that with a head bent to one side and a bit of  blood ... hey presto !

Like these two repurposed Revell German Kreigsmarine figures - once you bend their  heads to one side, not much else needed doing.

Then some zombified office workers, courtesy of Caesar Resistance fighters and a Revell cowboy

An old goofy 1st version commando, Caesar zombie footballer and a HaT Ancient figure from some set who's become a lady zombie in a skirt.

This Revell Modern German Fallschirmjaeger's zombie brain must still be working well enough for him to be still hanging onto his G36.

And of course a typical day in zombified London. 

To pad out the zombie hordes, I had to resort to using a bunch of featureless civilian figures I got off ebay, a Made-in-China knock-off of Noch figures. 

When we do eventually get around to gaming these zombie scenarios, I'll post some pictures of the games on the website.

In the meantime, on the next post something different, some scenery accessories or perhaps an update on a few WW2 vehicles that were recently finished.

Until then, hope you enjoyed the update and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.