26 February 2024

Fragile 60 year old Airfix Chicken Legs

The idea originally was to paint up just a couple of farm animals as scenery for some projects.

Enthusiasm got the better of me as I started to dig through a bunch of 20mm animals I had in a box and I ended up going over the top and started taking out more and more ... and ended up with this lot on the painting bench.

I decided it was also time to finally paint up some of my old treasured Airfix Farm Animals. BUT, my 60 year old Airfix chickens couldn't stand up to any kind of handling and their poor fragile skinny little brittle legs snapped right off.

A small fence kind of thing from the Imex Alamo Accessories set came in handy for the other legless chickens to roost on.

Wasn't just the Airfix chickens that started losing their legs, some of the Airfix pigs and sheep too. I managed to get most of the pigs onto stands, with some of them missing a few trotters. 

I'll try mounting the sheep on stands on another later painting spree sometime.

Progress so far, a mixture of Pegasus and Airfix animals, the sow with her piglets is a 1/87 Preiser hard plastic figure.

Some farm hands got painted too. Four of these are also about as old as the Airfix farm animlas, from the old Airfix wagon train set.

No much wargame potential in these figures, but they'll make nice scenic elements.

On the next post a new vehicle to complement the "Ersatz" Afrika Korps Refueling Tankers posted last month.

Till then, cheers, John