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07 October 2011

Airfix Highland Infantry

07th October 2011

Slowly but surely getting on with the Highlanders. Here's the first batch. The figures are just enough to fill about 3 20x20mm stands - so still a way to go before I have enough stands to get a few batallions together.

23 September 2011

Napoleonic Skirmish in 1/72 - A Song of Drums and Shakos

On Saturday our friend RoH came to see us and organized a skirmish game with the rules "A song of Drums and Shakos".

The rules are very good, and they have a system of activations and changes of turn that are quite easy to follow. We played two rapid games in less than four hours.

A dozen British (some Scottish and English) used to take a hill defended by a handful of French.

The British ones are a mix of Revell, Airfix, Esci and Italeri brands and the French ones are new from Italeri - and they are huge figures, they looked gigantic next to the British ones.

22 March 2010

Napoleonic Skirmish Game with 1/72 Scale Plastic Figures

A French wagon carrying a wounded officerl inside, accompanied by some "Chasseurs à cheval" has to cross a small town.

Standing in their way is a small contingent of British, Scottish foot soldiers, and some '95 English "green jackets".