12 March 2023

1/72 Scale Resin Printed WW1 Rolls-Royce Armoured Car.

A great little 1/72 scale printed resin model, given to me by a wargaming buddy, Carlos. 

The turret is fixed unfortunately, but not a big problem.  It looks the part and now we need to get around to getting it onto the wargame table.  

Painted with Vallejo Khaki Grey, added a British roundel off some old aircraft kit I had in the spares box, weathered with a wash, and finally dusted with some crushed pastels.

Not too sure about the scratches to be honest. I think I went a bit over the top - but it's done now, but maybe I'll try and soften them a little with some more dusted pastels.

11 March 2023

Grey Panzers On the workbench

Pictures of some work-in-progress WW2 German panzers, nearly finished. 

A mixed bag of brands, an Altaya Panzer IV top left, two Trumpeter StuG IVs, an Armourfast StuIG33, PSC Panzer IV top left, two Altaya die-cast Panzer IIIs and a very old repaired and repainted veteran Panzer IV middle right.

All painted with Vallejo Model Color Dark Grey Blue followed by a dark wash and some weathering.  I've run out of Balkenkreuz decals now, so I'll have to try doing them by hand.