17 May 2011

Battle of Berlin / La Batalla de Berlín 2 - Brazo de Nelson Wargame Club

Mientras prácticamente toda España estaba viendo el partido de fútbol entre Barcelona y Madrid, nosotros decidimos pasar totalmente de aquel acontecimiento y jugamos la segunda ronda de nuestra campaña de la Batalla de Berlín.

While practically the whole population of Spain spent the evening pinned to the TV set watching the game between Barcelona and Madrid, we decided to go against the grain and completely ignore the event, and instead played the second scenario of our Battle of Berlin campaign.

¿ Fútbol ? No nos interesa, ...... otra cerveza por favor

09 May 2011

HaT El Cid Almoravid Infantry

Our mate RobH came over on Saturday and he treated us to an excellent game using Impetus ruleset with his collection of Samurai in 15mm.

Apart from putting on a great game, he also brought along some of his painted 1/72 scale HaT Moors that he's based to also use with the same rules, and they are very nice indeed, the pictures of the painted HaT figures speak for themselves.

05 May 2011

1/72 Scale / 20mm Plastic LOTR Figures

This was quite a find, these are 1/72 scale / 20mm scale plastic LOTR figures

You have all the main characters from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It came in an dusty old Spanish boardgame that I found in a clearance offer in a big department store some months back.

The running figure with a club is a 1/72 scale Zvezda as a scale comparison.