09 May 2011

HaT El Cid Almoravid Infantry

Our mate RobH came over on Saturday and he treated us to an excellent game using Impetus ruleset with his collection of Samurai in 15mm.

Apart from putting on a great game, he also brought along some of his painted 1/72 scale HaT Moors that he's based to also use with the same rules, and they are very nice indeed, the pictures of the painted HaT figures speak for themselves.


  1. Those look magnificent, especially the banners. Pass on my compliments to your mate on such an excellent job.

  2. Alex_NayMay 10, 2011

    Incredible like alwys RObh!!!! Well done friend!!!!

  3. Totally agree, very beautiful work ! I brought Impetus ruleset son weeks ago, as always only need two armies and a partner.. :( !

    Regards !

  4. Beautiful work and I love the basing!

  5. Thanks very much Dave. I still have those photos you sent me to upload, sorry about that I'll try and get them online with the next update.