16 July 2001

MiniatureZone Gallery Archives (2000 - 2006) - Javier Gómez - "WW2 German Station"

This article is one of many articles and gallery contributions from fellow amateur smallscale enthusiasts all over the world that appeared on the old MiniatureZone website during the first six years its existence when there were only a handful of websites dedicated to smallscale models and wargaming. 

If you've been around on the internet since back then, we hope you like the nostalgia, and if you´re a newcomer, hope you enjoy looking too.

MiniatureZone Gallery Archives (2000 - 2006) - Javier Gómez - "WW2 German Station"

The scene is about a small station anywhere in central Europe, where the troops are resting and trying to stock up to head forward.

It is a diorama in which I invested a great deal of time, it is the largest work I have ever built (removing a kind of medieval fortress, it is a pharaonic work).

The vehicles are:
TIGER I of Hasegawa
Esci IV IV
OPEL BLITZ by Airfix
B.M.W. from Hasegawa
The accessories are of several brands as well as the trees

The three freight cars are at HO scale, as well as roads and buildings, although I think they are quite in line with the scene.

Copyright 2001 Javier Gómez

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