23 April 2005

Salute Wargame Show / Exhibition in London - 23rd April 2005

Salute - 23rd April 2005

A wargamer's paradise  four floors, plenty of demonstration and participation games of all types, scales and periods, plus a large selection of vendors. Credit where credit is due, the organizers deserve a good pat on the back.

Overall I really enjoyed the games, all the people hosting the demonstration games were happy to explain and very friendly to anyone who asked questions (such as people like me).

The only thing I didn't find particularly good was the bring and buy section. It turned out to be a mad free-for-all and you couldn't get near the table without pushing. Elbowing around in a scrum to buy old models isn't what I was after, so I just gave the bring-and-buy table a miss. The quaint old British "habit" of automatically forming an orderly queue when in the presence of 3 or more people has gone out of fashion.

My main interest was the smallscale 1/72-76 games  and there were plenty of those to keep me happy and below are some 50 assorted images . I would have taken more pictures, but my memory card was full.

This stand really caught my eye. There were two Italian guys who put on and Italeri Operation Overlord demonstration game and some of their conversion jobs on the Italeri figures were astonishing !

I would have liked to speak to them to see who did the conversions and paint jobs, just to at least say "well done amico ", but every time I went back to see them, they were being "interrogated" by other people so I never got the chance to speak to them.


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