27 December 2010

1/72 German Winter Figures and Vehicles

Some painted Caesar German infantry in Winter gear and whitewashed German tanks.

Two King Tigers. The one on the right is an old Hasegawa model and on the left a repainted Altaya die-cast model.

A Revell Panzer IV with sideskirts and a Revell Tiger both in Winter cammo.

Matchbox 1/76 Scale 37mm PaK 35/36


  1. Good work repaintind all that stuff John! :)

  2. Hi John
    Happy new year

    Build dates- FYI, one thing i do on all vehicles and models .....i always paint the month and year of build and finish on the bottom of all my models! i can look back over 25 years of building and see how my work has morphed and changed etc etc....just a thought DG

  3. Buen trabajo, It`s an incredible weathering. It will be use in Bastogne.

  4. Thanks Pablo. I have a large "army" of Shermans on the workbench to face this German armour.