24 February 2011

On the workbench - WW2 Russian Infantry Conversions

Last week I got a two new sets of the new "made in UK" Plastic Soldier Russian and German Infantry. The plastic is nice to work with, hard styrene which is glueable, and cuts easily and can easily be trimmed and sanded.

You can see some of the Russian infantry here with new heads, mixed with Esci and Revell figures for some Russian squads I'm putting together. With the smaller heads the poses mix well with the other Esci and Revell figures.

The heads etc., are just dry-tested / stuck on with a bit of blu-tac, I'll get around to pinning them sometime over the weekend.

Some of the brave figures who donated their heads to the Great Patriotic Cause....


  1. Looking very promising so far John!
    Good luck with them! Your painting skills are excellent, so the outcome will be just as great!

  2. Thanks a lot Thanos. I'll try to upload some more images when I get a little further with them.



  3. It's nice and refreshing to see some UK based manufacturing. :)

  4. Thanks Charlie, I'm happy to buy figures made anywhere in the world, but I'm also really pleased to see that some UK based manufacturing is at last starting to get back on its feet again.