13 July 2011

"Dream House"

I was in the UK a short while ago and happened to go into a "Poundshop"

Sifting through the garbage and tat, you can usually always find something useful in those places and I found these brightly coloured 1/72 scale "Dream houses" - well, actually half a house, you have to buy two to make a full-house.

When I get them painted up they should make half-decent scenery items.

More than "amused", I found the description hilarious :-)


  1. Cool idea John!
    Good luck with that!

  2. No! Promise me you will not paint it up! I want to see on the table as is. Please add some unicorns to it as well.

    Regards Paul

  3. Hahahaha.... don't tempt me...... I just might do that.