05 February 2012

Italeri German Motorcycles and Sidecars

The big car in the background is a Hasegawa Mercedes that I rescued from a pile of old kits in a box and found a nice canvas roof from the spares box that fitted perfectly. After taking this photo, I've realised that the paint on one of the wheels has either chipped off, or I missed that bit when painting :-(

I changed a few heads to give them all helmets and I'll be using them for the 1940 campaign in France - The uniforms are all wrong, but no-one will notice too much (hopefully) painted in Field-Grey uniforms with Panzer Grey bikes and sidecars.

The figure with the binoculars has a helmet grafted on from the accessories that come with the Revell German 105mm Gun & Crew.


  1. Awesome John. Thats really a nice recon group..

  2. Hey, thanks Iván !

    By the way, that old staff car goes a long way back - from the time when we first got gaming with CDIII.

  3. Those are great, those Italeri bikes/crews and combinations are very nice, The spare seated crew fit into most Kubelwagons too :)

    1. Thanks Richard. Yes, those seated fellas have a lot of passenger potential :-)