19 April 2013

1/72 Sci-Fi / Near Future / Post Apocalyptic

Following on from the previous post in November (LINK), a couple of pictures of some completed "1/72 sci-fi / near-future" figure conversions.

A "Mad-Max" type punk-rocker sporting a colourful mohican haircut

The head came off an Esci WW2 Paratrooper.

 The Law - Police / Military / Control-Troopers. 

The riot-helmets with visors are heads taken from the Revell German KSK


  1. Lovely John, these are conversions that really work!

  2. Thanks very much for the comments lads.

    I'm not happy at all with the shiny/satin sheen that the supposedly "flat matt" varnish has given them, but I'll see if I can fix it with another brand.

    Army painter anti-shine is now off my list of products forever.

  3. Awesome work and setting. Reminds me a lot of the video game Fallout!