06 July 2014

Repaints - grey early war 1/72 & 1/76

These are for an early war campaign that our wargame group has been planning for some time.

All are repaints....

There's a good mix of manufacturers here, vehicles spanning over a decade. 

The Panzer 38(t) at the front is a recent model, a repainted and weathered Altaya 1/72, as is the Panzer II on the left just behind it (Altaya), both donated to the cause by my mate Carlos

The Pz 38(t) on the right is an old 1/72 UM model and the one at the back is a heavy 1/76 scale lead SHQ model, that were given to me by a friend, Iván about 12 years ago and have been lying in "storage" ever since. 

The Pz II on the left at the back is a Matchbox 1/76 kit, given to me by Iván back about the same time, which I gave to Carlos about 5 years ago.... and he gave it back to me a few months ago. And I should also add it's been repainted about 4 times now  

All very interesting stuff, right ? :-)

Happy modelling.



  1. Nice models! Where did end the Attack pz38t we had? It was a pain to assemble.

    1. Thanks Iván. Considering that 3 of them are yours you should take a good part of the credit :-)

      I thought that Pz38t there was a UM model - my mistake. The tracks were terrible by the way, I hid them under a pile of mud....

  2. Nice work there John. :)

    1. Thanks Thanos, always nice to see you check out the blog and comment. Cheers mate.

  3. Lovely little group John.

    The last repaint for the Matchbox one perhaps?

    1. Thanks Paul !

      Last repaint for the Matchbox one ? Never!! (LOL) - it will probably join Rommel in the desert sometime in the future.