03 July 2016

1/72 Hell's Angel Biker

Yesterday I was at a friend's house where there was a board game in progress. The game's based on the a series called "Sons of Anarchy".

What  interested me most about the game wasn't really the game itself -  it's the fact that there were actual biker figures that looked to me to be roughly about 1/72 scale !

At the time I didn't have anything to compare it with, but when I got home I took a picture of a German BMW.

Looks about right doesn't it ? The Son of Anarchy guy could be a passable 20mm biker.Superb for modern-day / post-apoc games.

There's also another standing generic "hoodlum" who might come in handy too.  I took a look on internet and rather than buying the game, apparently you can get expansion sets with just the figures, so that might just end up on my next birthday wish list :-)


  1. Nice find. From what I can tell, the expansion is only a little less in cost than the main game, but only has 1/4 the number of figures.

    1. Hi Ey - You got your blog back I see !! Good news.

      Yes, you're right, might go with the game itself and steal a few figures from each the bands. I suppose I would only need about 4-5 bikers at max. Besides which, they're all in the same pose, though a few head swaps might be feasible.

  2. Wow, your painting really transformed the miniature, it doesn't look near as impressive unpainted. Good job!