20 June 2017

Airfix WW1 French Infantry In Khaki

Airfix / HaT Industrie WW1 French Infantry painted in khaki to represent WW2 troops.

The set itself (not these actual figures though) was one of the first sets of 20mm figures I had as a kid at primary school - and that was a long time ago now.

I always thought that the guy with the carrier pigeon looked like he was holding a half-eaten sandwich that he'd just taken out of his hamper.

The figures have a lot of useful poses, it's a pity about the rifles as they are very flimsy and thin without any real detail, but they still have a place for me on the wargame table.


  1. I did have this box...so many (beautiful) souvenirs...very nicely done!

  2. I had these guys too, way back in the 70's. Great work on these ones.

    1. Thanks Rodger, yes, a set probably most of us who are still miniatures enthusiasts had as kids.

  3. klasse die airfix figuren sehr gute farbwahl