14 August 2020

Youtube - Post-Apoc Dwellings Inspiration

My plans to visit the UK to see the family for a few days were recently foiled by the 14-day quarantine restrictions on visitors from Spain.

So with that in mind we took a break for a few days on the island of Fuerteventura here in the Canary Islands.

While we were there we visited a remote desolate spot that's quite a way off the beaten track and is difficult to get to. 

It's on the far southern tip of the island and when we got there we came across an impromptu semi-permanent "village" that's been put together by the local surfer / bohemian / alternative lifestyle population that the island tends to have attracted from all over Europe.

The old trucks and beaten up caravans and containers they've used to put together their village is quite inspirational if you're looking at making some Gaslands / Post-Apoc dwellings / scenery.

I've put a short video up on YouTube, just click on the image below if you're interested in seeing it and it will open in a new window.

And please be assured that it's shanty-town that, from the locals I spoke to, has been built by people who've decided to live here this way in an alternative lifestyle (many of whom had nice cars and jeeps parked outside). If it had been anything otherwise, I wouldn't have put these images up.

Keep safe during these strange times.


  1. I was there in January (pre-Covid) and it looked a right dump

    1. Lol - Hi Will, the coastline is unspoilt and fantastic, but that village.... no, I wouldn't want to live there either.

  2. Good inspiration, in these times Pre-Apoc.
    Jaja, we have a motorhome, this post remember me that I have to clean and do some reparations if I don't want to see it like those ones...

    1. Hehe - thanks Antonio. My car is starting to look like that too after all the "calima" dust we've had recently.