30 July 2003

MiniatureZone Gallery Archives (2000 - 2006) - Jorit Wintjes - Afrika Korps

This article is one of many articles and gallery contributions from fellow amateur smallscale enthusiasts all over the world that appeared on the old MiniatureZone website during the first six years its existence when there were only a handful of websites dedicated to smallscale models and wargaming. 

If you've been around on the internet since back then, we hope you like the nostalgia, and if you´re a newcomer, hope you enjoy looking too.

Airfix SdKfz 222

From the Airfix recce set, which I really like. Apart from minor additions (Matchbox MG 34), stowage, battle damage and heavy wheathering it's straight out of the box. 

On the model, the air recce panel (which is dimensionally probably wrong, but I didn't care too much about that...) is dull red and not bright of the glossy 'here-I- am-shoot-at-me'-kind.

Matchbox SdKfz 251/10

A converted Matchbox vehicle - well, 'converted' is way too much, in fact, I simply mounted the Matchbox 37mm AT gun and rearranged the interior. Stowage again comes from the spares box, the crewmen are converted Matchbox figures. Should have done something about the tracks...


From the Airfix recce set as well, once again straight out of the box with some minor details (side windows, rear mirror etc) and stowage added. Again converted Matchbox figures as crewmen.

BMW sidecar

From the Matchbox/Revell SdKfz 11/Pak 40 set, which is a nice little model in itself; The driver (rider?) came with it, the other figure is - again - a converted Matchbox figure. Here the only additions are some stowage and the machine gun mounted on the sidecar.

Copyright 2003 Jorit Wintjes

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