15 April 2012

FUBAR WW2 Skirmish Game - Brazo de Nelson Wargame Club

Two weekends ago we did a first test of the FUBAR free rules with a WW2 game. 

The scenario consisted of a British infantry and tank attack on some houses defended by Germans who had a Tiger and a Puma. 

Defenders were deployed hidden on a map and, in the spirit of the rules, we improvised a spotting system on the fly. 

At the beginning the British advance took place without too many setbacks and they even destroyed the Puma and immobilized the German Tiger, but as they approached the houses the resistance hardened.

 Some already depleted attacking units attempted melee assaults but all were destroyed for few casualties and although the Tiger was pinned down, it managed to keep firing and crippled the Shermans one by one. 

A German defensive victory. 

Battle Map by our gaming artist Iván - Skulls are knocked out units, explosions are damaged units.

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