24 April 2012

Pirates to the rescue ?

A motley crew of 1/72 Caesar, Orion and Esci/Italeri modern figures I recently finished for a game we'd been planning for a fictional modern-day scenario

The pirates were trying to rescue their leader who had been captured by UN forces and who was being held in a compound in a medium-sized old colonial town somewhere along the coast of East Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean. 

The pirates had some help from the local populace who were armed and hostile to the UN soldiers in the town, and even more help from a group of combat-tested renegade troops from the country's regular forces.

In spite of the help, the pirates got soundly thrashed (good show too).

We used a free set of one-page skirmish rules called FUBAR. 

Quite good for the job, but we included some tweaks to the activation process that put the pirates at a great disadvantage so they spent the majority of their time undecided and floundering around getting shot to pieces.


  1. Lovely looking pirates John and great scenery. Nice idea for a game.

    Regards Paul

    1. Thanks very much Paul. The buildings are superb, they were made by a friend out of thin foamboard a couple of years ago. They were originally all grey but we repainted them recently with more vivid colours.

  2. Glad to hear the good guys won! Nice looking game and great looking figs. More pictures in the future maybe?

    1. Thanks a lot Ben. Hopefully we should repeat the game again sometime this year but maybe with some different tweaks to the rules.