30 March 2017

Modern / Post-Apoc ; Police - SWAT - Paramilitary - 1/72 - Finished

These new recruits have just graduated off the Police Academy painting table (see previous post here) and are ready for action in a forthcoming modern / dystopian future / post-apocalyptic wargame.


  1. @ John.......I was wondering as you used the bolt action rules did you have to tweek any for the scale of 1/72 the battle was done in?I ask as i am trying to build the german 7th panzer under Rommel for france in 1940 in 1/72 scale.If the answer is detailed feel free to write me at my email......dfelscher50@gmail.com

    1. Hi, no tweaks necessary, the scale "feels", at least to me, to be right in 1/72 scale. But I'm biased towards 1/72 scale so maybe my opinion isn't 100% objective (lol).

    2. Thanks john ive been getting alot of confusing answersone person told me that 1/72 for bolt action my panzerswould sshoot across the4 atlantic ocean.

    3. Nooo, the person who said that must be mistaken, maybe they don't understand the relative size of 20mm to 28mm minis. My 1/72 figs are based on 1 cent coins, a 28mm fig's base is only slightly bigger, there's really no great difference. Good luck with the project.