16 May 2019

New toys : 4D Models M35 truck in 1/72 scale

I wanted to share some pictures of two new toys the postman brought direct from China a couple of weeks ago.

They're sturdy little models that go together quickly.

I found that the little steel pins that are used as axles for the wheels are too long.

Fortunately I was able to cut them down with some strong cutters.

Next to an Academy 1/72 scale M35 Truck (on the right). They size up ok

The box-art is little surreal. Apart from being a mirror image of the truck (and now a right-hand drive model), it seems to be parked in the smouldering ruins of some old central European city.

A nice model that will most likely find its way into some modern skirmish games.

You can see some more information about this kit on Ey's excellent "1/72 Multiverse" blog on the following link :



  1. Thank you John, i didn't know about this company; fast-build model are winning the game, they need less time and are more robust.In the photo they seems bigger than the Academy one, perhaps it's due to the perspective...
    Waiting for seeing them in your African skirmishs...

  2. Fast-build kits are the way to go yes. I think it's the perspective in the photo, side by side they look ok. Thanks for visiting :-)