21 May 2019

1/72 Scale German Panzer Crews – Airfix Figure Conversions

Some photos below of an attempt made a few years back at to get a set of “fighting” bailed-out Panzer Crewmen.

Figures are a mixture of Airfix Luftwaffe Ground Crew, USAAF Personnel and Afrika Korps with new arms sliced off figures from other German 20mm sets.

The uniforms don’t stand up to close inspection, but on the table they look the part and hopefully make them identifiable as Panzer Crewmen.


  1. I think I saw some of them some time ago. Now there are some panzer crews produced by Preiser and Orion.. but yours are much more dinamic! And great Normandy background! Your blog is now well under way!

  2. Hi Antonio, many thanks 🤗👍🏻. Yes, these pictures were on the old website, I did the conversions back in 2010 before the Orion figures came out. The Orion ones are much better but they're all very relaxed lol.

  3. I'm going shamelessly to copy your idea.

    1. Thanks Joāo, copy away mate, with you conversion skills I'm sure you'll make some fine new innovations !