29 March 2020

"Ale-Hop" - Toy Trucks for WW2

More toys. I got these from a shop called "ale-hop" two weeks ago, the day before the lockdown here in Spain.

Ale-Hop sells a lot of cheapo gadgets and tacky stuff, but these trucks at 3 euros each caught my eye ( I bought three😝).

They should make nice generic 1/72 scale WW2 era civilian trucks. The figure gives an idea of the size.

Those large empty wooden cable drums could come in handy too for an industrial setting once repainted.

Keep safe everyone wherever you are.


  1. They are neat, perfect for a 1920´-30´s gangster prohibition era

    1. Hi Paul, good suggestion, you're right they'd be ideal.

  2. Waiting to see them painted!
    ..or militian forces for Spanish Civil War!

  3. Hi Antonio, yeah, good idea too. I don't know what make of truck they supposed to represent but they look like 30's and 40's era. Once this lockdown has finished I'll be giving Ale-Hop another visit :-)