04 May 2020

"Ale-Hop" - Repainted Toy Trucks for WW2

Still on lockdown and have been fluttering from one unfinished project to another like a veritable wargame butterfly, but I have actually managed to finish off a few things, one of them being a repaint of these niftly little civilian trucks mentioned in the previous post on this blog

I had to change the wheels for some I had in the spares box, I kept looking at those spokes on the originals and they just didn't look right.

Now with their new wheels they're ready for the wargame table.

Here they are below being requisitioned by a French officer for the war effort off some unfortunate locals

I doubt these trucks are based on any particular model, but if I'm wrong please let me kmow in the comments section. 

Whatever the case, real or invented models, they make nice WW2 era cvilian trucks.



  1. I know I've mentioned it before somewhere, but it's always worth an outing - in Guy Sejuer's 'Through Hell for Hitler' he describes being co-opted to work driver's/convoy guard, on a convoy 'zug' going East when returning from leave.

    I won't bore you with the whole chapter, but when discussing the ramshackle collection of 100-plus vehicles thrown together for the mission he states that some (many?) were civilian and picks out a British removals van (or lorry) for special attention, which he ponders must have been trying to get someone back to Blighty as France fell!

    What I found interesting was not that the Germans reused everything that fell into their hands, but that two or three years after the French campaign, the wagon still hadn't been repainted!

    A brightly coloured removals lorry would make a lovey target for a lone Yak, out on the steppes!

    Nice job on you three!

  2. Thanks Hugh and don't go giving me crazy ideas !! I've got a big 4 axle 8 wheel AEC Mammoth Box Van by EFE in 1/76 scale that could just do the job, just right era too lol.

  3. Whatever they are they look the business. I'd be interested to know where the civilians came from and the Citroen. You've some nice scenery too. The French infantry look like Caesar?

    1. The two guards are Caesar, the fella with binoculars is Esci and the figures in the greatcoat is a WW1 Airfix German officer with a new head. The lady is Caesar and the chap in the cap is a Dapol railway workman. The Citröen is an Ace model I seem to remember, but it was given to me by a friend who built and painted it.