15 June 2020

Hell's Angels in 1/72 scale

On a previous post  I mentioned on the blog that I'd seen some Hell's Angels / bikers in plastic in 1/72 scale in a board-game based on a series called "Sons of Anarchy".

I've never seen the series and I only played the board-game once, but what really interested were the figures.

My good mate Carlos was having a clear-out during the lockdown and when we got together after the distancing restrictions had eased he came round and gave me a dozen or so of these bikers. Lucky me !

I test painted a couple of them over the weekend and they do look the business.

The figures all have the same pose unfortunately, but I think that with some cutting and converting, a few head swaps, and maybe cannibalizing the Italeri 1/72 German motorcycles and combos, I could get a nice gang of marauding bikers for a near-future / post-apocalyptic / zombie-dawn-of-the-dead kind of game scenario.


  1. Very original matter John¡
    And have you played any post apocalyptic game?
    I would like to see them in action ( along with pistoleros, militia, police-SWAT….)

    1. Thanks Antonio. We've gamed a few zombie scenarios but not with my figures, using some of my mates' superb 28mm figures.

      You can see some pictures of a game here..


      We've gamed a few modern "what if" scenarios, but no post-apoc games in 1/72 yet BUT... that is something I'm working on :-)