19 January 2024

Stalingrad - Bolt Action Campaign in 1/72 scale - Workers' Village Scenario

A few pictures of a game some months ago with three good gaming buddies, Alex, Carlos and Juan where we gamed a trial scenario out from the Warlord Games Stalingrad Campaign book using Bolt Action rules.  

We played the game on the sand table and used a playing area according to the scenario of 4x4 foot.

The German objective is to clear the Workers' Village of Soviet Defenders. There's a dense collection of homes, fences, gardens, craters and rubble, making the advance extremely difficult for the German armoured kampfgruppen

The scenario called for a 5 turn game. 3 objectives on the Russian side of the table that the Germans have to control and allocates points that the players use to decide on the forces available before the game.

 There are Soviet tank-hunters potentially lurking behind every corner....

Carlos acted as umpire and chose the forces for both the Soviets and Germans.  

1 x T34, AT Team and 3 squads for the Soviet forces, and for the Germans 1 x StuG III, 1 x Pz IV Ausf B, 2 x Half-tracks and Panzergrenadiers, + Pak 38

Germans enter the village

Soviet defenders lurk in the ruins and burnt out cabins

Germans have it very difficult and Soviets halt the advance.

Vehicles burn as the Germans take more casualties

The game ended quickly, the Germans took a lot of casualties and faltered. Once they lost the StuG and the Panzergrenadiers it was practically impossible to achieve their objective, but being part of a campaign you need to know that some scenarios will be very difficult. 

The game was enjoyable and we're not too competitive so we had a good afternoon gaming. If the Germans had concentrated their attack from one entry-point instead of entering the table from various places they could have done better, but hindsight is always a wonderful thing.

Cheers, John


  1. Nice one, glad you and group are back. Do not worry about bad post on FB, one use the rules are more confortable on. Models and Terrain is the important ones. Rules come and go.

  2. Hi José ! Thanks, rules come and go, and I appreciate your the message about some FB post but no problem there for me, I don't worry about these things and won't let myself get dragged into anything negative. Gaming and our favourite models and terrain is what's important :-) Good to hear from you !

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Chris. Sometimes I think we enjoy setting up the table more than the game lol.

  4. Looks like you had a good time on a great-looking wargaming table.

    1. Thanks a lot Roger. The game was enjoyable, the German player wasn't too happy with the scenario, too hard, but he made the best of it.

  5. I get that, setting up the table is fun , it's admiring the collection.
    I've been collecting over 50 years, must have 40,000 unpainted figures.
    Easy to get that many, second hand buying other guys collections,
    flea markets, market place etc.

    1. That's a lot of figures ! I know what you mean, my collection has grown to outrageous proportions over the years too.