07 January 2024

Ersatz Luftwaffe WW2 Afrika Korps Refueling Tankers

To start off 2024 an update on something just finished.

These are a couple of repainted 3 euro toy trucks from "Ale-Hop" that we thought could vaguely pass for German airfield fuel trucks for a 1/72 scale WW2 North Africa wargame scenario with an LRDG raiding party

There are quite a few different models and it's not the first time we've used some of these in the past for other generic 1930`s - 40´s era trucks.


We do actually have a far superior Academy Opel Blitz kit that my mate Carlos has built and is awaiting a paintjob to join them as an objective for the SAS, but I still can't help feeling that these toy conversions have a particular charm of their own and won't look too out of place on the battlefield.

Happy New year to all, and will try to update the site with work in progress and games played on a more regular basis this year.

Cheers, John.


  1. Great conversion!
    Looking forward to follow your blog in 2024 as well.
    Happy New Year!!

    1. Thanks a lot Roger ! Happy New Year to you too.

  2. Great idea, they look the part to me, I'm not a button counter.
    Love your blog, I actually look forward to it.

    1. Hey thanks very much and pleased to know you think they look the part. :-)